VIDA Response to Boston Review’s Statement on Junot Díaz


June 7, 2018


VIDA Response to Boston Review’s Statement on Junot Díaz


Addendum (6/8/18): This letter is to address the responsibilities of organizations and institutions in how they respond to allegations of sexual misconduct and/or harassment. This letter is in direct response to Boston Review‘s statement, which we feel fails to offer any possible victims protection in the form of an adequate investigation, and fails to seriously consider its responsibility to its contributors and readership, especially women and non binary people, and especially those of color. The Boston Review statement sets a dangerous precedent.


In 2018, in a climate increasingly defined by the resistance of women and non-binary people, and by people of color speaking up against the marginalization of their bodies and communities, we must take a serious stance against institutions that insist on creating safe havens for oppressors instead of the oppressed.

On June 5, 2018, Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen, the Editors-in-Chief of the national political and literary magazine Boston Review, responded to allegations of sexual misconduct by Fiction Editor and Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz, stating that they would continue their editorial relationship with Díaz.

The statement from the Boston Review reads like a template for rationalizing inaction, laying out point by point the logic our culture uses in its continued failure to prioritize the safety of women and non-binary people. It also exemplifies the consequences that arise in institutions that fail to foster diverse and equitable mastheads and tables of content. Poor diversity can lead to tokenism, and tokenism is harmful to everyone and can lead to a troubling power dynamic within marginalized communities.

We fear Boston Review’s statement will silence women and non-binary writers, especially those of color, who may no longer feel safe submitting their writing, especially their fiction, to the Boston Review. What’s worse, if survivors want to be in the pages of the Boston Review, they will have to submit their fiction to a known abuser.

Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen state that they have never received any complaints about Díaz. We ask: In what ways has Boston Review made a space for people to safely report incidents of harassment? Does the magazine have an email address that they give every single contributor or person who works for them to use if they have something to report? Does the Boston Review believe that incidents of harassment or abuse do not exist outside of their awareness, or that the victims who have come forward are not to be believed?

Also troubling is the idea put forth in Boston Review’s statement that there is a baseline of bad acts that must be reached in order for the editors to respond, and that Díaz hasn’t reached it. At what point is abusive behavior bad enough to merit corrective action? At what point is repeated coercive and abusive behavior over the course of a decade considered a pattern? While, like Chasman and Cohen, we empathize with all victims of sexual assault, being a victim never justifies or excuses the victimization of others, nor does it exempt Díaz from being held accountable for his actions as an editor and gatekeeper.

In March of this year, VIDA launched #saferLIT because we recognize that abuse and sexual harassment silence marginalized voices, and consume community members’ time and energy. We created a pledge for journals and presses to prioritize the safety and well-being of all members of our community.

We believe that literary organizations and presses that discover that they harbor either the work or physical presence of known and serial predators must make it clear to their members and readership that they will not tolerate such behavior. #saferLIT has created guidelines for presses to use in handling this kind of situation, and we are in the process of making similar guidelines for literary organizations.

By keeping known, active predators on a journal’s masthead, it hands these bad actors cultural capital with which to lure and harm more victims. By giving an abuser a platform, Boston Review is widening a dangerous net. Silence and inaction also send a clear and terrible message to all of those in the community who have ever been a victim of harassment or violence.

We applaud the poetry editors of Boston Review—Timothy Donnelly, BK Fischer, and Stefania Heim—for stepping down in the wake of a decision with which they firmly disagree. We hope this sets a precedent for the literary community.

We ask you to join us in working to make all corners of the literary community as safe as possible. We ask the community to work together to make statements like Deborah Chasman’s and Joshua Cohen’s for the Boston Review the unfortunate exception and not the rule.

If you believe institutions should be safe havens for the oppressed and not their oppressors, please join VIDA in taking a stand and sign your name here to have it included below


VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Board of Directors

with support from:

Monica Byrne
Jennifer Weiner
Daniel José Older
Elissa Schappell
Rob Spillman
Lilly Dancyger, Deputy Editor, Narratively
Anthonio Aiello
Lorna Dee Cervantes
Sarah Clark
Marisa Siegel, Editor-in-Chief, The Rumpus
Michelle Tea
Marcelle Heath
Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Nonfiction Editor, Prairie Schooner
Emily Gould
Sari Botton, Essays Editor, Longreads
Joy Katz
Christopher Soto
Emily X.R. Pan
Lacy Johnson
Susan Bernofsky
Seema Yasmin
Jami Attenberg
Melissa Moorer
Kyle Dacuyan
Lisa Summe
Jenny Sadre-Orafai
Dia Lacina
Chelsea Biondolillo
Beth Hahn
Muriel Leung, Apogee Journal
Coco Wilder
sally burnette
Julianne Neely, Iowa Writer’s Workshop 18
KC Trommer
Emily Vizzo
Amish Trivedi
Tina Zafreen Alam, Blog Editor, Shameless Magazine
Rashaad Thomas
Zachary Bos, New England Review of Books
Maureen Seaton
Nicole Tong
Michael Steinman
Allie Marini
Christina Shideler
Christine Murray, Ireland
Gayle Brandeis
Genevieve Mills
Angela Maria Spring, Duende District Bookstore
Donna de la Perriere, Curator, Bay Area Poetry Marathon
Candace Williams
Hannah VanderHart
Kelly Gregory
Sarah Cook
Jeff VanderMeer
Luci Sotelo
Paul Killebrew
Noah Baldino
Cheryl Harris Curtis
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Shanna Compton, Bloof Books
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Kit-Bacon Gressitt, Publisher, Writers Resist
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Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes, Blog Editor, The Collagist
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Nathan Goldman, Blog Editor, Full Stop
Jami Nakamura Lin
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Keegan Lester
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Gillian Conoley, Editor, Volt magazine
Kolleen Carney Hoepfner, Drunk Monkeys
Tammy Ho, Founding Co-editor, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
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Cat Ingrid Leeches, Black Warrior Review
Addie Tsai, The Grief Diaries
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