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Managing Editor – Marcelle Heath

Acquisitions Team – Emily BrandtMelissa ChadburnSarah Fawn MontgomeryJessica Reidy, Ashaki Jackson & Héctor Ramírez

Editing Team – Olivia Postelli, Rosebud Ben-OniJustine el-KhazenJenn Monroe, Kaity Teer & B.K. Fischer

Support – Hannah Bonner, Lisa Summe, Rachelle YousufChristy Agrawal & Sarah Clark

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Social Media – Lynn Melnick

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What type of work are you seeking?

Photo credit: XlibberVIDA publishes original interviews, articles, and essays related to intersectional feminist and womanist thinking pertaining to the literary world, publishing, education and the arts.

The best way to get a sense of what we are looking for is to read through our features and assorted columns on the VIDA Review.


How do I submit?

Please submit all pitches and essays to Sarah Clark at [email protected]. We are especially seeking POC, LGBTQIA, disabled, and other marginalized writers.


When is your reading period?

We publish work on a rolling basis.


When will I hear from you?

Our submission turnaround time is approximately one month. We work with writers to help focus your piece, but such assistance does not constitute acceptance.

Upon acceptance VIDA acquires first serial rights worldwide in English. We request that should you republish content or versions of content published on you include acknowledgement to us as first publisher.


How long can my piece be?

We do not have a set number of words, but being mindful of your audience and the topic you are exploring, we may ask you to reduce your essay and offer suggestions regarding how, or we may ask you to develop it further with specific suggestions on where you might elaborate.


Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

We prefer not to. Considering an editor or two may be discussing your piece and formulating concrete suggestions to render your piece for VIDA’s audience, it is considerate to wait the generally less than a month response time before submitting your work elsewhere. Please inform us immediately if you wish to withdraw your submission – thank you!


Do you pay for contributions?

VIDA is an all-volunteer run nonprofit organization focused on committed activism in the literary world. We consider your published work a contribution to that activism.

So while we don’t pay monetarily, we work hard to provide a platform for voices that should be heard, and we volunteer our own time and energy to get those voices to an audience as far-reaching as possible.

Additionally, our essays have been publicly recognized for their merit, including:

Jean Ho’s essay, “Getting Along Shouldn’t Be an Ambition,” as one of The Rumpus‘s THIS WEEK IN ESSAYS picks.

Melissa R. Sipin’s essay, “TANGENTIAL DIVAGATION: Notes of an Immigrant Daughter,” as one of Autostraddle’s “215 of the Best Longreads of 2015”!

Leah Falk’s essay, “From the Margins: Women’s Writing and Unpaid Labor,” as one of The Atlantic‘s “highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment.”

Sarah Marcus’s essay, “Confessional Poetics & Intellectual Distancing: A Struggle Against Patriarchal Conventions,” as one of Coldfront‘s “[essays that] explores the complex history and current reputation of confessionalism.”

Sarah Fawn Montgomery’s “VIDA Editor Roundtable” as one of The Review Review’s “fantastic” roundtables.

Sheila McMullin’s “Spotlight On! Weave Magazine” “a lovely write-up from VIDA” on The Review Review.


I would like to be interviewed for VIDA Reads with Writers.

This column is by solicitation only.


I would like to be interviewed on VIDA Voices & Views.

Interviews for 2017 are already scheduled. Please check back in the future.


I am participating in an event (i.e. a panel, a public reading, etc). How can I get that event listed on your site?

We are very happy to list events on our website Events Calendar that support writers, especially historically marginalized and disenfranchised writers. If you’d like your upcoming event listed, please email all of the logistical details to Hannah Bonner at [email protected]. Include date, time, location, web link, etc. Events will be listed at the discretion of VIDA.


I would like to ask VIDA to co-sponsor a public event I am organizing / hosting. How can I do that?

Please submit as many details about the event as possible to Amy King at [email protected] and Lynn Melnick at [email protected].

You should let us know the logistical details as well as what, specifically, you’d like VIDA’s participation to be.


I would like to submit a Resource for your site.

Great!  You can do that here.


Who are you?

In addition to exploring who we are by clicking on our names above, our roles and identities in the world range from educators to writers to students to mothers to readers and so much more. We are all volunteers, committed to activism in all of its various forms, with a focus on literature and how it conveys values, how it is limited and supported in the publishing world and beyond.


I’d like to be part of the VIDA web team! 

That’s wonderful! We are always looking for help, as interest in our publications is growing at a wonderfully supportive rate!

Please keep in mind that much of the work behind-the-scenes is not glamorous, and you may be asked to help with tasks ranging from proofing or posting content, giving your insights on a submission, helping us to locate writers and solicit them, gathering contact information to build our readership, etc. If you are in earnest and willing to commit to volunteering for a minimum of three months, please send Amy King at [email protected] and Marcelle Heath at [email protected] a detailed email of interest explaining why you’d like to help and what your strengths are. We’d love to hear from you!


I’d like to volunteer to help with the VIDA Count

Great!  Please visit our Volunteer page for more details.


VIDA’s Mission

VIDA’s mission as a research-driven organization is to increase critical attention to contemporary women’s writing as well as to further transparency around gender equality issues in contemporary literary culture.


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