List of Women-Run Presses

This list exists because I went looking for this resource and couldn’t find it. Earlier this fall, I began planning a reading series where each month I would reach out to book presses, literary journals, and organizations whose work I admired and ask them to suggest a writer to read representing them. As an editor myself, I liked the idea of highlighting editorial curation by asking colleagues: Hey, what writer are you especially excited about right now? Who do you want to bring to a different audience? Whose book is coming out or whose work is being overlooked or what writer in your roster do you wish would do more readings? And since I planned on having a mix of older more established presses and journals with newer fresh-faced ones each time, I hoped it would be a way to foster new connections in the literary community too.

I hadn’t initially intended for my series to focus on women-run presses, but then while out for drinks with my friend Jen, a fellow poet, we found ourselves making a list of women-run and/or women-founded presses in New York, mostly with the idea of someday throwing a huge party. We were surprised at how few names we came up with—we knew there must be presses we’d forgotten to list or didn’t know about yet. The next day I reached out to a few organizations to see if someone else already had a list like this, but no one did. It bothered me that this list—which seemed like such a fundamentally useful resource—didn’t exist yet so I decided to compile it myself. I didn’t want to exclude presses with some men on board, but I wanted to focus on places with a strong female editorial presence, either currently or historically.

Editorial curation is important: books don’t just magically manifest as galleys submitted to reviewers or on bookstore shelves. We need to think about whose voices are heard and who chooses those voices to present to a larger audience. I suspect editors often choose work because it speaks to them in a way that feels personal; that it echoes something within them so they somehow feel like they’re sharing an experience with the author. This doesn’t mean that editors aren’t moved by or drawn to work by the opposite gender or by writers otherwise different from them—editors are drawn to aesthetic choices, intellectual rigor, and emotional resonance and those are not categories defined by gender or life experience. In my own career, many of the editors who have been the most consistently encouraging and supportive of my work have been men, and as an editor I think I’ve selected an equal number of male authors as female from our slush pile for publication. But I also believe we are primed by our culture to unconsciously look at some types of stories and certain voices as more important than others and those unconscious beliefs are often reflected in the work that editors choose to publish—it becomes a kind of muscle memory that can unconsciously affect the choices editors make.

When we keep prioritizing the same voices and narratives over and over again, we get trapped inside a self-replicating machine of This Is What Important Literature Looks Like. This can affect how editors and other gatekeepers respond to narratives involving gender just as much as race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, trans and non-binary stories, and work that explores the life experiences of people with disabilities, and those of different ages and class brackets. Editors need to step outside of that machine and that may be easier to do if their own experiences are different than the Important Literature narratives we’ve been taught—the Hemingway story, the Jonathan Franzen story. I’m not saying Hemingway and Franzen aren’t important writers; but they aren’t the only ones. While many editors of all types absolutely do look for diverse voices, those with life experiences and identities different than the hegemonic narrative may often be better able to recognize these writers’ merits—either because they may be making a more consistent, conscious choice to support diverse voices or because they don’t have to make an imaginative leap to be inside these other stories in quite the same way as those whose look in the mirror each morning and see Holden Caulfield, Nick Carraway or Hal Incandenza staring back at them. In that sense, I hope that this list will be a useful resource for women writers looking for places to submit their work just as much as for people who want to support presses and journals run by women.

I made this list by posting a query in a Facebook group for women writers that I belong to and also asking friends for more names. Within a week, I had a long list of presses and journals but very little in the way of contact information. It took about a month of follow up research during my spare hours to pull this together. One thing I learned from this project is that far too many literary journals and presses do not have contact information listed on their websites or, if they do, it’s often a scavenger hunt to find it. Many also do not seem to check their Other folder in Facebook messages.

I also learned that people often wanted to be helpful but had little concrete information about the history or current editorial boards of the presses and journals they mentioned, frequently suggesting publications they liked but that had no female editors on board or where there might be one or two female editor in a sea of male ones. I don’t want to discount the excellent writing that those publications bring to the world or the importance of those lone women editors, but this list is intended to contain only presses, journals, and organizations that were all either founded or co-founded by women and/or that have primarily women editors curating their catalog. In some cases, I did list presses where the current editorial board may skew male or the press wasn’t originally founded by women, but there is a previous history of female editorship and current focus on nurturing women’s voices (for example, Persea Books) or the press is a collective with an equal or greater amount of women involved (Ugly Duckling Presse). I also listed organizations like the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of America, and the Poetry Project which all have publishing branches, to some degree or another, and are either currently run by or were founded by women. While making this list, I found out about fantastic journals and presses I hadn’t heard of before and I’m really excited about all the amazing women in our community doing such valuable work. I also know there are more journals and presses out there that fit the criteria but I haven’t heard about yet as well as those whose contact information I simply could not, for all my efforts, locate—I hope people will keep reaching out to me with new names and contact information so that I can continue updating this list.

My interest in compiling this list has been both community-oriented and selfish. I wanted to create a solid resource for other women writers and editors, those looking for homes for their work or for other colleagues to reach out to. I still want to throw that giant party for women editors that was the catalyst for Jen and I beginning this list at a bar months ago. But I also wanted a practical resource for my reading series, which has now found a home at Pen and Brush, a 120-year-old nonprofit supporting women in the visual and literary arts. They have a gorgeous space in New York City’s Flatiron district—light, airy, and full of good people and inspiring art—and I will be hosting “Pen and Brush Presents…” there on the first Wednesday of every month, kicking off in March 2016. If you are an editor at one of the places on my list, you are quite likely to get an email from me sometime soon asking if you’d like your press/journal to be featured. If you are a writer suggested to me by your editors, I look forward to introducing you to our audience. I hope everyone will join me and attend a reading there. Please stop by and say hi.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their suggested additions. Please submit further women-founded and/or female-run presses to our VIDA Resources by clicking here or by emailing Please make sure to include all relevant information including a link to the website. All presses listed here will be be moved to VIDA Resources. We are closing the comments so that all additions can go directly to VIDA Resources.

Organized alphabetically by state, including international and internet categories.

Updated: January 31, 2016


List of Women-Founded &/or Primarily Female-Run Book Presses, Organizations, & Literary Magazines




Negative Capability Press—Alabama
Sue Walker
books and magazine


PMS Journal—Alabama






Kore—Tucson, AZ
Lisa Bowden






Agape Editions—Los Angeles, CA
Fox Frazier-Foley, Founding Editor-in-Chief
books, and an e-chapbook series


Alternating Current—Palo Alto, CA
Leah Angstman, Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publicity


Arctos Press
CB Follett
poetry books


Aunt Lute Books—San Francisco, CA
Joan Pinkvoss, co-founder and publisher


Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company
Claudia Wilde, publisher
C.A. Casey, head of operations and chief editor


Berkeley Poetry Review
Samantha McNichols


Cider Press Review
Caron Andregg, publisher and editor-in-chief


Drop Leaf Press
Amy Bell, Jennifer Cheng, Sarah Heady, Lauren Peck, Jill Tomasetti
books, magazine


Gold Line Press—University of Southern California
Leah Bailly, Editor-in-Chief


Valerie Polichar, publisher and editor-in-chief


Haight Ashbury Journal
co-founded by man and woman, recruited other women to edit
current managing editor is Alice E. Rogoff


Jaded Ibis Press
Lily Hoang, Elizabeth Earley, Natashia Deón, and Zoë Ruiz


Kaya Press
Sunyoung Lee, Publisher
publish books of the Asian diaspora


Kelsey Street Press


Kelsay Books
Karen Kelsay


Les Figues


Meritage Press—San Francisco, CA
Eileen R. Tabios, founder and editor


Omnidawn Publishing
Rusty Morrison


Poetry Flash
Joyce Jenkins


Red Bridge Press—San Francisco, CA
Rivet Journal
Liana Holmberg, Editor-in-Chief


Ricochet Editions—University of Southern California
imprint of Gold Line Press
founded by Diana Arterian and Fox Frazier-Foley


Seal Press—Berkeley, CA
Krista Lyons, Publisher


Third Woman Press
Sara A. Ramirez


Under the Gum Tree
Janna Marlies Maron


West Trestle Review
Patricia Caspers


Whale Road Review
Katie Manning




Colorado Review
Stephanie G’Schwind
literary journal


The Center for Literary Publishing
Stephanie G’Schwind


Elixir Press—Denver, CO
Dana Curtis, publisher and Editor-in-Chief


Hedgehog & Fox—Boulder, CO
Sarah Warner




Chicory Blue Press—Goshen, CT
Sondra Zeidenstein, publisher


Homebound Publications—Stonington, CT
run and founded by Leslie M. Browning


Paper Nautilus—Enfield, CT
Lisa Mangini, founder and editor-in-chief






European Geeks Publishing—Florida
founded by Elisha Neubauer
specialize in science fiction and fantasy


Petite Hound Press—Miami, FL, and Las Vegas, NV
Letisia Cruz, Heather Lang
poetry, art


Twisted Road Publications—Tallahassee, FL
Joan Leggitt




421 Atlanta
Amy McDaniel
chapbooks and short collections of prose


Birds of Lace—Athens, GA
Gina Abelkop


Minerva Rising Literary Journal—Georgia
Kim Brown, editor-in-chief


Real Pants
Amy McDaniel


Snake Nation Press—Valdosta, GA
Roberta George




Tinfish Press
Susan M. Schultz




Ahsahta Press—Idaho
Janet Holmes, Director and Editor


Lost Horse Press—Sandpoint, ID
founded by Christine Holbert




Allium Press—Chicago, IL
Emily Clark Victorson


dancing girl press—Chicago, IL


Glass Lyre Press—Glenview, IL
Ami Kaye, publisher and editor


LitFest Press
founded by Jane L. Carmen


Maudlin House—Chicago, IL
Mallory Smart, editor-in-chief


Misty Publications—Chicago, IL
Susan Yount
also publish Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal


OV Books
Gina Frangello


Pica Pica Press
Elizabeth Novickas
books in translation from Lithuanian, Yiddish, German, Polish, Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian


Sourcebooks—Naperville, IL
Dominique Raccah, CEO
(630) 961-3900


Switchback Books—Chicago, IL
Hanna Andrews and Whitney Holmes, editors


Tree Light Books
print arm of Ghost Ocean Magazine
Heather Cox
handmade chapbooks of poetry and prose




Blotterature Literary Magazine
Julie Demoff-Larson, Managing Editor




Rescue Press—Iowa City, IA
Caryl Pagel, editor-in-chief






Finishing Line Press—Georgetown, KY
Leah Maines


Sarabande Books—Kentucky
founded by Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner
looks like entire staff right now is all women, including founding editor
Kristen Radtke




Pelican Publishing Company—Gretna, LA
Antoinette de Alteriis, Promotion Director




Alice James Books
—originally founded by 5 women and 2 men, wanted to give women access to publishing
Carey Salerno, Executive Editor (was also a P&B Guest Literary Arts Curator this past year)




Sinister Wisdom
Julie R. Enszer, editor
journal and books




Beacon Press—Boston, MA
Helene Atwan, Director


Big Table Publishing—Boston, MA


Boston Literary Magazine
Robin Stratton, Acquisitions Editor/Editor-in-Chief


Black Ocean—Boston, MA
Carrie O. Adams, A. Minetta Gould, and Thera Webb


Cervena Barva Press—Somerville, MA
Gloria Mindock, Editor


Kattywompus Press—Somerville, MA
(founded in Cleveland, OH)
founder and editor Sammy Greenspan


Natural History Press—Boston, MA
Natalie Lyalin


Paris Press—Ashfield, MA
Jan Freeman


Perugia—Florence, MA
Susan Kan


Ploughshares—Emerson College, Boston, MA
Ladette Randolph
literary journal


Rose Metal Press
Abigail Beckel & Kathleen Rooney


SixOneSeven—Boston, MA
Michelle Toth


Small Beer Press—Easthampton, MA
Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant


Spry Literary Journal
Linsey Jayne and Erin Ollila, founding editors


Storychord—Northampton, MA
founded and edited by Sarah Lynn Knowles
collaborative, multi-media storytelling


The Tishman Review—Boston, MA, and Detroit, MI
Maura Snell, Jennifer Porter
literary journal


Warwick Press—Easthampton, MA
Carol Blinn
letterpress printing and publishing house


Women’s Review of Books—Wellesley College, MA
Amy Hoffman,
—this is academic




Alice Greene & Company—Ann Arbor, MI
Jill Peek
poetry chapbooks


Bywater Books—Ann Arbor, MI
Salem West, publisher


Horse Less Press—Grand Rapids, MI
Jen Tynes
books and chapbooks


Willow Books—Detroit, MI
imprint of Aquarius Press
Heather Buchanan, publisher




Clover Valley Press—Duluth, MN
Charlene J. Brown, editor and publisher


Graywolf Press—Minneapolis, MN
Fiona McCrae, director and publisher


Lookout Books—Mankato, MN
Emily Louise Smith (publisher), Anna Lena Phillips (editor)


Yellow Medicine Review
Judy Wilson






Architrave Press—St. Louis, MO
Jennifer Tappenden
poetry books


Dorothy, a publishing project—St. Louis, MO
founded and run by Danielle Dutton






Burntdistrict Poetry Journal—Nebraska (Jen Lambert) & (Liz Kay)


Les Femmes Folles Books
Sally Deskins
anthologies of poetry, visual art, and interview excerpts


Spark Wheel Press—Nebraska
Jen Lambert and Liz Kay
personal: (Jen Lambert) & (Liz Kay)




Helen: A Literary Magazine
Joceyln Paige Kelly, Kari O’Connor
bi-annual literary magazine


New Hampshire


Bauhan Publishing—Peterborough, NH
Sarah Bauhan, publisher


Folded Word Press—Meredith, NH
JS Graustein, editor-in-chief


New Jersey


Barefoot Muse Press—Hainesport, NJ
Anna M. Evans


Buddhapuss Ink
MaryChris Bradley, publisher


CavanKerry Press
Joan Cusack Handler, publisher and senior editor


Luna Station Quarterly
Jennifer Lyn Parsons, editor-in-chief


Poets Wear Prada—Hoboken, NJ
Roxanne Hoffman


Radar Poetry
Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager
The Coniston Prize


Ragged Sky Press—Princeton, NJ
Ellen Foos, publisher


Terrapin Books—West Caldwell, NJ
Diane Lockward


Warthog Press—West Orange, NJ
founded by Patricia Fillingham


New Mexico


Noemi Press—New Mexico
publisher is Carmen Gimenez Smith
managing editor is Sarah Gzemski
Diana Arterian is one of the poetry editors


Synergetic Press
Deborah Parrish Snyder, Publisher & CEO
Tel. +505 424 0237


New York


Academy of American Poets
Jen Benka, Director
American Poets magazine, organization


A Public Space
Brigid Hughes


African Voices
Carolyn Butts


Aqueous Books
Cynthia Reeser


Archipelago Books
Jill Schoolman, founder, and Kendall Storey, associate editor


Argos Books
Elizabeth Wessel, Iris Cushing


Vicki Lame
literary magazine


Augury Books
Kate Angus


The Atlas Review
Natalie Eilbert


Barrow Street
Patricia Carlin
books and magazine


Rachel Levitsky


Bellevue Literary Press
Erika Goldman
at the intersection of the arts and sciences


Black Lawrence Press
Diane Goettel, executive director


Bloof Books
Shanna Compton


Bone Bouquet
Krystal Languell


Melinda Wilson, Managing Editor
reviews, news, poetry world features


Coven Press—Buffalo, NY
Jessica Smith
experimental literature


Publisher/Founder—Jennifer Reitman
(not fiction, poetry, etc.—this is more of an online magazine—narrative-driven reported features, first-person essays, humor, op ed, etc.)


Earth’s Daughters—Buffalo, NY
feminist literary and arts periodical


ELJ Publications—Washingtonville, NY
Ariana D. Den Bleyker
books and magazines


Epiphany Magazine
Odette Heideman
fiction, memoir and poetry


The Feminist Press at The City University of New York
founded by Florence Howe


Fence—Albany, NY
Rebecca Wolff
books and magazine


Four Way Books
Martha Rhodes


great weather for MEDIA
co-founder and editor Jane Ormerod


founded by Alison Weaver and Natasha Radojcic


Into Quarterly—Brooklyn, NY, and Austin, TX
Laura Benys, Virginia Sasser
writing, photography, and design


Kernpunkt Press
Jesi Buell


Litmus Press
Tracy Grinell
books and magazine (Aufgrabe)


Little Star
Ann Kjellberg & Melissa Green


Lunar Chandelier
Kimberly Lyons


Luna Luna Magazine
Lisa Marie Basile, Joanna C. Valente, Nadia Gerassimenko, and Alaina Leary


Mayapple Press—Woodstock, NY
Judith Kerman


Monk Books
Bianca Stone


No, Dear
Emily Brandt & Alex Cuff
magazine and chapbooks


No Tokens
editor in chief: T. Kira Madden


Noctuary Press—Buffalo, NY
Kristina Darling


Nous-zot Press—Syracuse, NY
Marthe Reed


Grace Aneiza Ali
magazine where literary and visual arts respond to each other / arts and activism


The Operating System
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson
full length works of prose, plays, fiction, and hybrid genres, and full length poetry books


Other Press
Judith Gurewich, publisher


Persea Books
founded by Michael and Karen Braziller
Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize (for women)


Phantom Books
Kelly Forsythe, Founder & Editor


Poetry Crush
J. Hope Stein


Poetry Project
Stacy Szymaszek, Director
Nicole Wallace, Managing Director
Simone White, Program Director
Betsy Fagin, Newsletter Editor
Laura Henrikesen
they do, after all, have a newsletter


Poetry Society of America
Alice Quinn, director


Poetry Society of New York
Stephanie Berger
(note: Atlas Review is now under their wing)


Portable Press at Yo Yo Labs
Yo Yo Labs—Brenda IIjima


Kathleen Ossip
poetry book reviews


Shade Mountain Press—Albany, NY
Rosalie Morales Kearns


Siglio Press
Lisa Pearson




Spiegel & Grau
Julie Grau and Cindy Spiegel


Stonecutter Journal
Katie Raissian, publisher and editor-in-chief
annual art and lit mag


Tender Buttons
Lee Ann Brown


Ugly Duckling —it’s a collective, lots of women on the board
books, chapbooks, 6×6 magazine


Women Studies Quarterly / The Feminist Press
They publish academic, but also creative wor


Women’s Voices for Change
this is not a literary journal; it’s more like an online magazine


Words Without Borders
founded by Alane Salierno Mason, Dedi Felman, and Samantha Schnee
Karen Phillips, Executive Directior


Yes, Poetry
founded by Joanna C. Valente
launching Sylph Presschapbooks


North Carolina


Carolina Wren Press—Durham, NC
Robin Miura, Director
Andrea Selch, Board President


John F. Blair, Publisher—Winston-Salem, NC
Carolyn Sakowski, President


Lookout Books—University of North Carolina Wilmington
Emily Louise Smith, publisher


North Carolina Literary Review—East Carolina University
Margaret D. Bauer


Two of Cups Press—North Carolina
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt


North Dakota




Blood Pudding (print), Thirteen Myna Birds (online)—Ohio
Juliet Cook


The Cleveland State University Poetry Center
Caryl Pagel
collections of poetry and prose


NightBallet Press—Cleveland, OH
Dianne Borsenik, founder and editor
poetry collections


Porkbelly Press—Ohio
Nicci Mechler




Mongrel Empire Press—Oklahoma
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
specialize in regional literature and culture (OK, TX, AR, MO)




Ashland Creek Press—Ashland, OR
Midge Raymond and John Yunker, co-founders and editors


CALYX Press—Portland, OR


PDXX Collective


Forest Avenue Press—Portland, OR
Laura Stanfill


Glimmer Train—Portland, OR
Linda Swanson-Davies & Susan Burmeister-Brown
literary journal


Hawthorne Books—Portland, OR
Rhonda Hughes, editor and publisher


Tavern Books—Portland, OR
Natalie Garyet and Carl Adamsky
The Wrolstad Contemporary Poetry Series


VoiceCatcher—Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA
Tiah Lindner, managing editor
anthologies, bi-annual journal


YesYes Books—Salem, OR
KMA Sullivan




APIARY Magazine—Philadelphia, PA
Lillian Dunn, Executive Editor


Aster(ix)—Pittsburgh, PA
Angie Cruz, editor-in-chief/co-publisher
Adriana E. Ramirez, creative director/co-publisher
journal of art, criticism, and literature


bedfellows—Philadelphia, PA
Jaclyn Sadicario and Alina Pleskova, executive editors


Cleaver Magazine—Philadelphia, PA
Karen Rile


Gigantic Sequins—Philadelphia, PA
Kimberly Ann Southwick, Christine Friedlander


ixnay press—Philadelphia, PA
Jenn McCreary
journal and chapbooks


Linden Avenue Literary Journal—Philadelphia, PA
Athena Dixon, founder and editor-in-chief


Vector Press—Centralia, PA
Shannon Hozinec


Rhode Island


South Carolina


Arbordale Publishing—South Carolina
Katie Hall, editor
children’s books/literature


Hub City Press—South Carolina
founded by Betsy Teter, current all-women staff


South Dakota




New Millennium Writings—Knoxville, Tennessee
Alexis Williams, editor and publisher


Red Paint Hill—Tennessee
Stephanie Bryant Anderson


Sundress Publications—Knoxville, Tennessee
Erin Elizabeth Smith, Managing Editor


Upper Rubber Boot Books—Nashville, TN
Joanne Merriam




A Strange Object—Austin, TX
Jill Meyers, Callie Collins


American Short Fiction—Austin, TX
Rebecca Markovits, Adeena Reitberger


Awst Press—Austin, TX
Wendy Walker


Henery Press—Dallas, TX
Kendel Lynn
mysteries with a splash of chick lit


Mouthfeel Press—El Paso, TX
Maria Miranda Maloney, publisher
full length and chapbook poetry collections


NANO Fiction—Austin, TX
Kirby Johnson
bi-annual publication


Pandamoon Publishing—Austin, TX
Zara Kramer, publisher


Queen’s Ferry Press—Plano, TX
Erin McKnight, publisher


Smoking Glue Gun—Austin, TX
Blake Lee Pate, Taylor Jacob Pate
chapbook press and online magazine


Spider Road Press—Houston, TX
Patricia Flaherty Pagan


Zumaya Publications—Austin, TX
Liz K. Buton








Full Grown People—Charlottesville, VA
Jennifer Niesslein


So To Speak—Virginia
George Mason University, founded 1993 by a collective of women MFA candidates




Aqueduct Press—Seattle, WA
L. Timmel Duchamp, founder and editor
specializes in feminist science fiction


Crab Creek Review
Linda Clifton, founder
Jennifer Browne Lawrence, co-editor


Expedition Press—Kingston, WA
Myrna Keliher
literary commissions and chapbooks


Headmistress Press
Mary Meriam and Risa Denenberg


MoonPath Press
an imprint of Concrete Wolf
Lana Hechtman Ayers


Two Sylvias Press
Kelli Russell Agodon & Annette Spaulding-Convy


Washington, D.C.


Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Kim Roberts, founder and editor


Split This Rock
Sarah Browning, co-founder, Executive Director
Melissa Tuckey, co-founder, former board member
networking organization/teaching/resources


The Word Works
Karren Alenier and Nancy White
publishes contemporary poetry in collector’s editions/public programming


West Virginia




Brain Mill Press—Wisconsin
co-founders Mary Ann Rivers & Ruthie Knox


Cowfeather Press—Middleton, WI
Wendy Vardaman & Sarah Busse


Wild Clover Press—LaCrosse, WI
Chandra S. Sherin





Ambit Magazine—London, UK
Briony Bax
poetry, prose and art


Book Ex Machina—Nicosia, Cyprus
Ioanna Mayrou
books, literary magazine


Fox Spirit Books—Leicester, UK
Adele Wearing


Inanna Publications—Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Luciana Ricciutelli, Editor-in-Chief


Knox Robinson Publishing—London, UK & Atlanta, GA
Dr. Dana Celeste Robinson, publisher
Atlanta: (404) 478 – 8696
London: (+44) 020 8816 8630


Linen Press Books—Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Lynn Michell


MIEL Books—Belgium
Dickinson House
Éireann Lorsung
micropress/literary B&B


Modjaji BooksCape Town, South Africa
Colleen Higgs, Director


Mother Tongue Publishing—British Columbia, Canada
Mona Fertig


Peirene Press—London, UK
Meike Ziervogel, Publisher


Platypus Press—England, UK
Wildness Journal
Michelle Tudor
press/books and online magazine/journal


Phoenicia Publishing—Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Elizabeth Adams, publisher


The Poetry Mail—Hyderabad, India
Linda Ashok
online publisher of poetry, literary essays, interviews


Room Magazine—Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Meghan Bell
print journal


Tilted Axis Press—London, UK
Deborah Smith


Tirgearr Publishing—Mornington, County Meath, Ireland
Kemberlee Shortland
specializes in commercial adult genre fiction


Tyche Books—Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Margaret Curelas
science fiction, fantasy, and related non-fiction


Stonehouse Publishing—Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Julie Yerex, Netta Johnson


Subterranean Blue Poetry—Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Rebecca Anne Banks
online poetry


Synaesthesia Magazine—London and Northampton, UK
Carlotta Eden, Annabelle Carvell
literary and arts magazine


Tramp Press—Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Davis-Goff, Lisa Coen


Versal—Amsterdam, Netherlands
Megan M. Garr
literary and arts journal


Zubaan Books—New Delhi, India
Urvashi Butalia, Founder and CEO


The Internet


1913 press
Sandra Doller


As/Us Literary Journal
Tanaya Winder, Shauna Osborne, Tanya Lukin-Linklater, Casandra Lopez


Belladonna Publishing
Liv Lingborn, Camilla Bruce


Black Radish
7 of their 9 editors are women


Heather Lefebvre


DMQ (disquieting muses quarterly)
Sally Ashton, editor-in-chief


Diverse Voices Quarterly
poetry, short stories, personal essays, artwork, photography


Janice Lee, Executive Editor
online magazine


Hermenuetic Chaos Literary Journal and Press
Shinjini Bhattacharjee, founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief


Hyacinth Girl Press
Margaret Bashaar


KYSO Flash Press
Clare MacQueen, founding editor
flash fiction


Ladybox Books
Constance Ann Fitzgerald


Lavender Review
Mary Meriam


Locked Horn Press
editorial board is: 2 men, 4 women


Rosemary Donahue


Luna Press
co-founded by a man (Dalt Wonk) and a woman (Josephine Sacabo)


Meerkat Press
Tricia Reeks


Menacing Hedge
Kelly Boyker, founding editor/poetry editor


MockingHeart Review
Clare L. Martin
poetry magazine


Quaint Magazine


Red Dashboard LLC Publishing
Elizabeth Stelling


She Writes Press
Brooke Warner, Publisher


Shirley Magazine
Colleen Burner and Lauren Perez


Spinning Jenny
C.E. Harrison, Editor


Spoke Too Soon
Kelin Loe and Leora Fridman


The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective
Minal Hajratwala, Shikha Malaviya, and Ellen Kombiyil


Thrush Journal
Helen Vitoria


3 women: Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Jenn Givhan


Words Dance
Amanda Oaks
literary blog + biweekly online poetry journal


YEW Journal


Could Not Locate Contact Information / Did Not Respond to Facebook Page Message Requesting Direct Contact Information

Biyuti Publishing

Black Ballooncan’t find any masthead on their website or Catapult (BB is a Catapult imprint)’s website.

Quail Bell Press—Falls Church, VA

Tebot Bach— California
Spillway poetry journal is part of this place

Zoetic Press—Santa Cruz, CA


Kate Angus author pic

Kate Angus is a founding editor of Augury Books. Her work has appeared in Best New Poets 2010, Best New Poets 2014, Subtropics, Gulf Coast, The Awl, The Rumpus, and Verse Daily. She has received the “Orlando” prize from the A Room of Her Own Foundation for her nonfiction, as well as awards from Southeastern Review and American Literary Review. Her poetry collection, So Late to the Party, is forthcoming in Spring 2016 from Negative Capability Press.