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Being Female

Editor’s Note

You may have already read Eileen Myles’ essay “Being Female,” and so wonder why VIDA chose to reprint this piece in our first site update since releasing The Count 2010 pie charts. From the … [Read More]

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Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

I do not believe that apparent authoritative literary voices of validation would ever make such a grand claim about a novel written by a woman. I say this because I believe there are many novels by women that are about the same sort of world as presented in Freedom. Sadly, the culture usually calls these books domestic or family sagas.

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Full Disclosure: I Was A Teenage Poetry Bride

"I convinced myself that I was exceptional, that anyone could see my good grades were well earned, my talent apparent. I now know this kind of rationalization has another name: in this case a big, self-justifying pile of it. Because the fact is many of my classmates were rightfully disturbed by my special status."

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Due Date vs. Deadline

When I was informed that my baby would arrive on February 27th of 2009, I wrote it down in my calendar.... I was in fact preoccupied with another deadline: my application for the James Merrill House residency, which was due on January 15th. So when I landed in the hospital on January 3rd because my water broke...

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