2014 Women of Color VIDA Count

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VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, the nonprofit organization founded to raise awareness of gender equality issues in literary culture, announces that this year we will release a Women of Color VIDA Count as part of our annual VIDA Count data.

magazine-stack-2Since 2010, VIDA has sought to deepen and complicate the conversation about imbalances in the way women and men are represented in major literary publications by performing an annual VIDA Count of “top tier” journals.  This year’s report will also focus on intersectionality, namely how a writer who identifies as a woman is further aided or impeded by race/ethnicity.

VIDA has culled the names of all women appearing in the journals we count and will send writers individual, blind surveys that follow the U.S. Census designation of Race/Ethnicity so they may self-identify, if they wish.  While no system depending on social constructs will be perfect, VIDA feels that allowing writers to self-identify or decline to identify for the purposes of this survey is the most respectful and efficient way to obtain a broader understanding of who is being recognized in our literary community.

The 2014 Women of Color VIDA Count will be released in April 2015.


The survey link will be sent to writers from VIDA2014WOCcount at gmail.com

I CountInquires: Erin Belieu
Vice-President: Public Relations
VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
ebelieu at fsu.edu



6 Comments to '2014 Women of Color VIDA Count'

  • Bhanu Kapil says:

    I am so interested in the “aided/impeded” part.

  • Erin says:

    “‘top tier’ journals” designation is exclusionary as well … can only exclusionary journals be top tier?

  • This is a good initiative. You may want to consider women in religious literature, because religious patriarchy is one of the main obstacles to gender equality.


    • Lynn Melnick says:

      We wish we could VIDA Count everything! Maybe one day. Right now there is a woman named Ellen Muehlberger who has been counting the Review of Biblical Literature. We follow her on Twitter: @emuehlbe

  • Lynne says:

    As a WOC and a writer, I appreciate the survey you’re taking….. Do you have any information you can share concerning the journals that you targeted for the survey? Thanks!

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